Welcome from the Chair

On behalf of the Organising Committee, it's my pleasure to welcome you to Perth and to Chemeca2009. As the premier annual conference for Chemical Engineers and Industrial
Chemists in Australasia, Chemeca2009 poses the question: “Engineering our Future: Are we up to the challenge?” In exploring the challenge, our programme covers 8 themes; Bioprocessing and nanotechnology, Environmental science and technology, Fuels and energy, Oil and gas, Mineral processing and particle technology, Modelling, simulations and control, Industrial best practice and innovation and, finally, Education, community and people. In many respects, the programme reflects the unique challenges of Western Australia and the universal challenge of the world, focusing as it does on the interaction between fields of Commercial, Industrial and
Academic endeavour and the impact of that endeavour on People and the Communities that they form.

Mr. Ian Shott, the President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the plenary speaker for our Presidential address will assess the current challenges facing society and the chemical engineering profession and offer an opportunity in the form of the bioscience revolution in an address entitled “Accelerated Evolution – Chemical Engineers and the Survival of the Fittest”.

In addition, we welcome Professor Ian Cameron and Mr. Laurence Stonehouse as plenary speakers, expecting that they will both challenge us and offer thoughts about how we might successfully “engineer our future”. They are joined by a number of impressive keynote speakers setting the framework for a stimulating and informative conference.

The conference starts with cocktails on Sunday evening, followed by the conference programme on Monday, the Chem-E-Car competition at lunch on Tuesday, the Conference Dinner on Tuesday evening and optional site visits on Wednesday. As always, the Chem-E-Car
competition will enjoy great interest as undergraduate engineers compete to design and build a small car, driven by a chemical reaction, which is capable of travelling a specified distance. The
conference dinner will be the occasion to present a number of Excellence Awards.

Finally, Perth is a beautiful and increasingly vibrant city. It serves as the capital for one of the world's greatest resource provinces and offers a fantastic combination of outdoor opportunities and cultural pursuits. I look forward to seeing you here and trust you will have the opportunity to enjoy what our city has to offer.

Thys Heyns
Conference Chair
Chemeca 2009